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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What is dyslexia?

The problem in dyslexia is a linguistic one, not a visual one. Dyslexia in no way stems from any lack of intelligence. People with severe dyslexia can be brilliant.

The effects of dyslexia, in fact, vary from person to person. The only shared trait among people with dyslexia is that they read at levels significantly lower than typical for people of their age.

Dyslexia is different from delayed reading development, which may reflect mental disability or cultural deprivation.
According to the University of Michigan Health System, dyslexia is the most common learning disability. Eighty percent of students with learning disabilities have dyslexia.
The International Dyslexia Association estimates that 15-20 percent of the American population have some of the symptoms of dyslexia, including slow or inaccurate reading, poor spelling, poor writing, or mixing up similar words.
Dyslexia affects people of all ethnic backgrounds, although a person's native language can play an important role. A language where there is a clear connection between how a word is written and how it sounds, and consistent grammatical rules, such as in Italian and Spanish, can be easier for a person with mild to moderate dyslexia.
However, languages such as English, where there is often no clear connection between the written form and sound, as in words such as "cough" and "dough," can be more challenging for a person with dyslexia.

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